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Group of Mind's Eye travellers in front of an archway built of antlers in Jackson Hole Wyoming


About Us

Sue Bramhall launched Mind’s Eye Travel in 2008 in order to address a challenge she was facing herself: Her RP (retinitis pigmentosa) had advanced to the point where she could no longer travel independently and comfortably. Her love of travel prompted her to create a service for visually impaired people like herself. The service includes experienced sighted guides who accompany each tour as needed.

Nomad Fundraiser

While our visually impaired tour group from the US was visiting Namibia, an inspiringly beautiful country in southwestern Africa, we took a break for a spa visit in Windhoek, the capital... and found kindred spirits at the Nomad Institute of Holistic Therapy,

a training spa for blind people.

We are now working to raise money to fund future students at the spa, please visit the GoFundMe page linked immediately below to learn more about this important project and make a donation. 

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