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The Golden Gate Bridge on a clear sunny day


The Mind's Eye Travel Experience

Mind’s Eye Travel groups are small—typically fewer than a dozen people—and MET provides trained sighted guides to accompany clients. Mind’s Eye Travel groups have seen the world in comfort and security on land trips, riverboats, and cruise ships. Would you like to join us on a future excursion? 

Upcoming Trips

Click on a trip below to find out more information such as the itinerary, what is included, and the cost of the trip. The trips in the list are organised with the soonest trips at the top, leading to the furtherest away trips at the bottom. 

Ready to Book?

Please call 207-542-4438 to check availability for a trip!

To make a payment on a trip you have already booked please use the 'make a payment' button linked immediately below.

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